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What is Accreditation?
If we talk in dictionary terms, Accreditation is simply the act of granting credits or recognition to an educational Institute. It is an evaluative process which a college, university or any institute may choose to go through so as to put themselves with the established standards. 

It is normally reviewed by a non-governmental group, usually a private, non-profit organization. The agency conducting the review looks at the institute from top to bottom - its admissions requirements, services offered, its resources, its degree programs, etc. The college's accreditation is then periodically re - evaluated to make sure it continues to hold to the established standards. A college or a university may loose its accreditation in case the evaluating bodies find that the required standards are not being maintained. 

If you attend an accredited college, you can be sure you will receive a level of education that meets or exceeds the established standards for education.  

One also needs to understand the fact that accreditation is not at all a ranking system. Simply put, it is an assurance that an educational institute and a course testifies and meets the established quality standards.

Types of Accreditation
Accreditations are of two types:-
Institutional Accreditation
This refers to evaluation of institute’s quality. Regional accreditation of colleges and universities is a form of Institutional accreditation. 
Specialized Accreditation
This refers to evaluation of specific programs, or courses rather than a complete institute. Various courses in different fields like engineering, medicine, law, architecture, and nursing are being evaluated through this accreditation.
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