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Online MBA programs are quite popular these days, because they allow students to access a collaborative classroom environment. Many prestigious B Schools run regular online MBA and a Masters Online, the interests of students across the world. Although expensive, often as expensive as college courses, the program is doing better.
Online MBA Programs has benefits that are much cheaper than the regular program, and quite cost effective when compared with other Distance Learning MBA and MBA Correspondence. Also, with increasing awareness among employers, the online MBA program desires to achieve the same status that the Executive MBA has, make an online MBA credible option compared to other Distance Learning MBA and MBA Correspondence.
There are many subjects that can be pursued under an online MBA program. Distance learning MBA can be done on various topics and some of them are listed below:
  • Online MBA in marketing
  • Online MBA in risk management
  • Online MBA in supply chain management
  • Online MBA in operations management
  • Online MBA in public administration
  • Online MBA in human resources
  • Online MBA in information technology
  • Online MBA in project management
  • Online MBA in global management
  • Online MBA in finance
  • Online MBA in environmental management
  • Online MBA in hospitality management
  • Online MBA in international business
  • Online MBA in sports management
  • Online MBA in healthcare management
  • Online MBA in entrepreneurship
  • Online MBA in professional studies
  • Online MBA in information systems
  • Online MBA in economics
  • Online MBA in accounting
  • Online MBA in leadership
  • Online MBA in healthcare administration
  • Online MBA in information security

  • Apart from renowned universities that provide an online MBA course, there are many distance learning centers too that help individuals to pursue a career in MBA. Most of these learning centers help and counsel the students who want to pursue such courses.
    Another factor that attracts many students to join in the correspondence course is the cost factor. To get an MBA from the traditional business school is a very expensive affair. That is the reason most students who cannot afford to spend money go for correspondence MBA as an online MBA or executive MBA in IT online.
    With the recent influx of health services administration and administration of telecommunications Optional Correspondence MBA offered high contingency sector for those with Commercial background search for their growth in leadership skills.
    While many students prefer the regular MBA program, there are many others who choose to distance MBA courses in accordance with their daily schedule. Students can also opt for Distance learning MBA programs at several institutions across the border. There are many institutes in India and across the border, which offers a variety of correspondence courses at graduate and post graduate level. The Great Indian School MBA through correspondence offers the opportunity to study higher without the dissolution of the desired capabilities and some costs related to meeting the MBA. Online MBA does not require students to attend college. Most of the course is actually intended as a weekend MBA for executives. Executives at the company have weekends off, which allow them to continue their online MBA education and learn valuable management tips and techniques. Karnataka State Open University is probably the first university in the country to introduce distance learning courses online. It also allows students to appear for online exams, doing away with paper-based examination for a good number of programs. The distance learning MBA degree online courses offered by KSOU is best for students, who cannot pursue a full time regular program management for reasons of monetary or non-monetary. Even working professionals seeking KSOU online courses are very valuable because they give them an opportunity to enhance their knowledge in management studies. KSOU was established under the Act the Government of India and all distance learning and online courses recognized by UGC and AICTE.
    Even with all its advantages, there are several myths associated with online MBA programs. The biggest misconception is about its value in the academic and corporate world. True, there are benefits of face-to-face learning that an online MBA cannot compare to, but it in no way means that it's any less valuable. After all, what you get out of your education depends to a large extent on you.

    There is also a belief that anyone can get an online MBA degree as it's easy. Wrong! Pursuing an online MBA requires the same amount of (and sometimes more) hard work, dedication, and commitment as a campus-based program.

    Then there are questions about the quality of online MBA program. Sure enough, the quality of programs offered by diploma mills is suspect, but the same is not true of an online MBA degree earned from a reputed and accredited institution. In fact, the curriculum followed by an online MBA program is often exactly the same as a classroom-based degree.
    So, now that you know the difference an online MBA can make to your career prospects and we've cleared some common fallacies about it, it's time to hop aboard this speed boat to success!

    Can an Online MBA Help You Get Ahead?

    Despite the research supporting online education, recruiters and hiring managers still see an online MBA as a second-class credential. In its 2009 Corporate Recruiters Survey, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the nonprofit organization that administers the GMAT, reported that only 9 percent of companies surveyed actively recruit candidates from online MBA programs, as opposed to the 77 percent that pursue full-time MBA grads.
    Still, how recruiters and hiring managers might view your MBA depends a lot on the job move you’re trying to pull off and how the degree fits into your resume. If a business-school degree is most of what you have to offer as a job candidate, and you need one that tags you as among the best and the brightest, then an online MBA may indeed be the wrong choice. You’re best off seeking a brick-and-mortar institution, preferably one with plenty of ivy on the bricks.If you’re instead looking to advance in an already-established career, as most online MBA candidates are, a degree from an accredited business school can only help.

    Still, the turning point for the online MBA’s reputation probably won’t arrive until graduates of the programs start to land prominent leadership roles at the nation’s biggest firms. Until then, the online MBA is likely to remain a good springboard for a mid-career job change or salary boost, but an otherwise underappreciated asset, fighting an image problem with recruiters and ignored even by the organizations that rate schools. Kim Clark, a senior education writer with U.S. News and World Report, says her publication has no plans to rank online MBA programs. It's an omission that Clark admits might one day seem shortsighted. "It's certainly, true," she says, "that the perception of online MBAs might lag the reality."
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